The Creative Studio

Manage your Projects and Creatives Easily

  • Create and manage your Projects and Creatives easily.
  • Click to create or duplicate new Creatives as needed. Just specify the creative type and size, and you are ready to go.
  • Your entire Creatives Library is always available in the cloud so you can work from anywhere using the intuitive interface.

Upload and Compress Your Media

  • Upload your files, images or videos* directly from your computer and start working immediately in your private and secured Workspace.
  • While uploading, you can choose to compress your files. Madyourself doesn't affect the quality. It just re-encodes colors and converts and compresses videos.
* jpg, png, gif, svgand most common web video formats (mp4, mov, …)

Unleash your Creativity

  • Easily create amazing animations and interactions from your static storyboards.
  • Just focus on making each project look great and we will take care of the underlying technical aspects so you can deliver top-of-the-line creative projects.

“We’ve worked hard to create a really easy to use timeline with no new features to learn. Simply unleash your creativity.”

– Madyourself Team –

Preview your Creations

  • Preview your Creatives on a large selection of simulated devices ranging from desktop computers to tablets, and smart devices, to get an idea of how your creatives will be displayed in context.
  • Share a link to your creatives with clients to let them provide feedback on your work in real time.

Export your Creatives

  • Once your project is ready, choose how you want your code minified (or not) and... just download it!
  • All your materials will be compressed in a zip file, ready to be broadcasted on most AdServers.